Tavia Yeung at the Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackle dance charity

Monday, October 15, 2012 | |

Tavia Yeung attended a charity dance dinner as one of the ladies in the prominent family. A few days ago Ah Yi filmed "A Great Way to Care 2" decode that she jump of a high building for an episode, but there are still a lot of action scenes. Weekly refers to Him Law defend rumored girlfriend Tavia among the rumors, she said: " I think it's his hype."

The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 36小時 II) for Sale Presentation 2013

Sunday, October 14, 2012 | |

[On.cc 10/14/2012] Kenneth Ma was shooting THCII sales presentation clip with Lawrence Ng, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Candy Chang and Eliza Sam. For the sequel, Kenneth expressed the story will pick up from the last series, he and Tavia Yeung will continue on with their marriage life. Also, Eliza joins the cast and will fall into a love triangle with Him and Candy. As for Mandy, she was very excited to work with Lawrence and turned into a young fan of his. She hopes to have a kiss scene with him.

A Great Way to Care Filming Pictures

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TV Queen Battle: Tavia Yeung's "Bite" Defeats Kate Tsui

Friday, October 12, 2012 | |

Last Friday (10/5), the TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony was held. Most of the FaDans and Siu Sangs appeared to promote for the currently airing series The Last Steep Ascent, Highs and Lows and Come Home Love as well as the upcoming two anniversary series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (SSSS) and The Confidant. The lead actors from these series including Wayne Lai, Michelle Yim, Damien Lau and Tavia Yeung were arranged to stand in the front row. It was rumored, TVB has already decided internally to give the TV King award to Raymond Lam this year. The TV Queen race appears to be a battle between Tavia and Kate Tsui. At the ceremony, a preview of SSSS was shown, where Tavia (33 y/o), who plays the '4th Wife', had an intense lip-biting kiss scene with 63 y/o Damien Lau whose old enough to be her father!

Charmaine Sheh's gone and Myolie Wu got the award last year, it was said this year's TV Queen award will definitely land in Tavia's hands and that's why her series SSSS is scheduled to be an anniversary series. Basically the '4th Wife' role in SSSS was tailored for Tavia, and this series is just another version of those palace dramas that audience like to watch. In order to demonstrate Tavia's improvements on acting, TVB paired her up with veteran Damien Lau to help bring her into character.

However Tavia's 'car incident' with Him Law earlier damaged her image, therefore the result may change. According to an internal TVB employee, [he/she] reveals: "Although Miss Lok (Virgina) believes Tavia was drunk, but she and Him made the incident look so bad, so Virgina scolded her. Coincidentally Highs and Lows started airing around that time, many people praised Kate Tsui's good performance and her drug queen role has really made a breakthrough. So, [TVB] is considering to let Raymond Lam and Kate get the TV King and Queen awards together. However, we still have to wait for SSSS to come out first and see how audience react before a decision can be made."

Welcome to TY Source

Thursday, October 11, 2012 | |

A welcome word to Tavia Yeung Source dedicated to the one and only Tavia Yeung Yi. The main reason that I manage to begin this site is because I notice most fansite for Ah Yi in English does not last long. There are so many that stopped after a while and I hope to bring news to her non-chinese spoken fans, rather than just her  language spoken ones.

My name is Paris Chan, I'm a pretty easy going person. I watched tvb for such a long time, I watched Tavia since I was little and even till now. She is such a sweetheart with a bright and beautiful talent in acting. In my heart, she have always been a role model. Favorite role of her is somehow Yiu Kam-ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Somehow that role was out of my league amazing. Favorite co-star, Kenneth in THC.

Staff are to be welcomed. Especially translators and graphic designers. I'm really slow at graphics but I do create some. Affiliates are also welcome, just give me a notice if you wish to exchange links.

No repost are allowed. Just one simple rule in terms of anything here. Questions are always welcome to ask, I promise to answer in my best ability.

Thank you so much for visiting and the opening for the site is 10/11/12. :)

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